Dear Sir, THE European Community's idea of removing the filament light bulbs from sale and forcing the public to buy low voltage ones, whilst the shops that sell them have anything from 20-30 television sets playing happily to themselves all using energy, is very strange to say the least.

This reminds me of the action taken by Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War when he asked the British public to hand over all unwanted pots and pans and give up their iron gates and railings from the front of their houses to help the war effort.

This, in fact, did nothing for the war effort but he felt that the public would feel they were helping to win the war when all it was, in effect, was a pile of scrap metal that did nothing.

C J Crane, Palma de Majorca, 07007.
Dear Sir, MAY I take the opportunity through the medium of your paper The Daily Bulletin to express my thanks to one kind young man who hails from Devon, is called “Nick”, I think, and has his yacht moored at Portals Nous.

I am seventy-nine-years-old, and have been coming to Majorca for many years. Always, on each occasion, I have made my way down to see the beautiful yachts, to gaze at them and just wish that someone would invite me to “look over”! Well, on 1st March this year, it actually happened. This kind young man showed me and my friend over his yacht! Wow! It absolutely made my holiday.
On Friday, 23rd March, we head for home, but this holiday will stay with me forever.
He even gave me the brochure of his yacht, manufactured by Bennett Sail Division.
Thank you again, young man.
Joan Horrocks, Prestatyn, N. Wales