Ray Fleming, in his comments on global warming, admits that the poor, half-frozen inhabitants of Britain enduring the coldest March since 1963, would welcome a little of that so-called warming with open arms.

However, he tells us that on BBC RADIO 4, had the retiring Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, who is retiring soon, repeating the same unproved arguments that global warming is leading to climate change, a claim that has no foundation in fact.

It has been shown, by equally able scientists, that the increase over the past 1100 years is a measly 0.6 degrees Celsius, is nowhere near the numbers produced by the ‘warmists'.

To counter those facts, Sir John Beddington, the Govt. adviser, produces a new argument which states, incredibly, that global warming will have periods when temperatures are reducing as well as increasing!.

Talk about having it both ways.
This farcical theory, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, when one of the characters, on being challenged as to the meaning of a word, says “It means what I say it means, nothing more, nothing less”!.

How can anybody believe in such fallacious arguments.
Phil Green
El Toro