By Jason Moore I have always considered myself to be European; Europe has in some ways been good for me because I can work in another European country without too much difficulty. I have done my level best to integrate in Spain. But I am growing increasingly concerned at the route Europe appears to be following. I woke yesterday morning to the news that Jacques Chirac had charged out of a summit meeting because a member had suggested that English was the language of business. Yes, the same stupid old squabbles and sooner or later someone will mention the Second World War and once again we will go around in circles and nothing will be decided, but all member states will declare that it's good to be European. Meanwhile, out in the Far East, China and India are charging ahead diversifying their economies and growing in importance by the day. Their economies are starting to take hold, their industries are busy beating us at what was once our own game and they are looking to the future while, we in Europe, can't even decide on a common language! So what is going to happen in twenty years time. Europe will still be arguing but most of our jobs will have disappeared. And on a final point; we are meant to be a force of one, so why is it that the Foreign ministers always attend these summit meetings. Surely, there is nothing foreign about the European Union for its member states? But that is just the problem. Europe has become like a gentlemen's club, with its members in permanent decline.