Dear Editor I felt I had to write about the headline your newspaper ran on Tuesday about the 4 road deaths on the island over the Easter period. Well I've lived on the island for 2 years now, and to be honest it wouldn't surprise me if 4 people a DAY got killed on Majorca's roads. I cannot believe the lack of basic road safety knowledge, that I was taught as a 7 year old. I lose count of the amount of times in one day that someone will walk out in front of me while driving, never mind the amount of times I have someone pull-out on me at a junction, overtake me on roundabouts or just not have any general knowledge on what the hell is happening around them.

This is 2008 folks; isn't it time road safety was taught from an early age in school here, because I can't believe it is at the moment, and I keep reading on the Internet that the Spanish driving test is the hardest in Europe to pass! For whom? A caveman??? Car dealers could save a fortune here, you could sell cars with no indicators, no lights, no mirrors and no windscreen wipers! Why does everybody pull onto the hard shoulder when it RAINS!! No wonder we have so many accidents back in the UK involving foreign drivers, because for what I've seen so far I wouldn't give half of this lot a license for a wheelbarrow! Come on Majorca step up to the plate before many more people lose their lives needlessly. It really shouldn't still be this bad! Yours sincerely. Nigel Green, Alcudia