FOLLOWING on from the letter by Julian Shersby (Thursday 25/3) regarding the hire charges we are a case in point.

We have been ‘Majorca Regulars' now for over 27 years normally visiting 3 times a year spending 6 weeks or so on the island.
We hire a car whilst there and for many years we have used the same hire company, one which has an airport desk. Last year by booking very early we escaped the price hike but this year there was no escape and checking our ‘usual' company I was staggered by the prices. As a long term regular customer with a potential 6 weeks hire they offered me a meagre discount which did nothing to impress. So, what have I done?

I've searched around and I found an equally reputable company which I used some years ago, but now without an airport desk, offering the same car much cheaper. Taking in to consideration our total ‘hire days' for this year the prices from this company would save us around £400 + when compared to that of my ‘regular' company. With their depot being only a few minutes away and with a free shuttle this little ‘inconvenience' was nothing compared to the potential benefit in real money terms.

So, am I continuing my patronage of the company from previous years? Not on your Nellie, I can make better use of the £400+. Just a thought; is anyone else looking for better prices or am I the only one, I wonder?

Rob Leek, Sheffield

JUST like the government in the U.K. the new and thriving Gotmar Neighbours and Friends Association in Puerto Pollensa is preparing for elections.
The positions which are up for election are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 committee members.
Anne Gray, current Secretary of the Association told the Bulletin. “Any potential President must get the names and signatures of seven other people standing with them, and take the names, in a sealed envelope, and hand it in at our Headquarters, the Rosa Blanca. The deadline for submissions is April 28th, and if it is necessary to have an election, this will take place on 5th May at the Rosa Blanca at 22.00 hours.” Currently the Association is working closely with the Pollensa Council on “The Gotmar Project”, which is due to start later in the year, and includes regeneration work on roads, drains and the Gotmar area in general.

More detail or information from Anne Gray on 971 867573

Howard Mullen