By Jason Moore

SPRING is in the air and at last there are more direct flights to Britain. Infact you are spoilt for choice and there will soon be a wide range of flights linking Palma with most of the major British airports. At last, I hear you say! The announcement of additional flights will be welcomed by both the tourist industry and all those involved in the property business. However, this winter the flight situation has been scandalous with no direct flights to Scotland and only a handful to London and Manchester.

The local ministry for tourism should be sitting down with the airlines and try and convince them to operate a full winter service with at least one daily flight to London and another to the north of England. It is fantastic having dozens of flights a day during the summer but the winter should not be overlooked. With so many flights I think you can safely say that the island is set for a good summer season. With all the turmoil in the Middle East the Balearics is considered a safe holiday destination. But this summer and into the autumn the local authorities must try and resolve some of the major problems which have dogged the industry this winter, like few hotels open and no flights. Hopefully this summer will mark a new watershed for the islands.