By Jason Moore

DEAR me! Gordon Brown comes face-to-face with a real voter who tackles him on key issues which are of interest to the British people and he then slams her for being a bigot. Gillian Duffy was a Labour supporter (I say was because I sincerely doubt that she will be voting for Brown) who just wanted to tell the Prime Minister of her concerns. She was not a hand-picked supporter although Brown´s public relations team led her to the Prime Minister.

It was all going very well, nicely stage managed until she started asking about real issues. To make matter worse the Prime MInister, telephones poor Gillian Duffy to say sorry and then decides to go to her house and offer his sincere apologies in person. The Labour Party spin machine went into over-drive to try and defuse the situation yesterday but the damage has been done. The Labour Party have been trying to portray Brown as a “people person” from a “normal middle class background”. Yesterday, we saw his true colours, he can´t deal with any sort of criticism. A 67-year.old Labour party supporter has probably done what David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been unable to do; put Gordon Brown on the ropes. I sincerely doubt that there is any way back for Prime Minister Brown now.