by Jason Moore

T here are many lovely stories from our 50th anniversary party on Thursday night which we will recount in our special souvenir edition in tomorrow´s newspaper but there are some which I will share with you today. Our rural life correspondent, Surgeon Captain George Giri, has just turned 90 years old. Although he is still fit and very active as regular readers of his column will know, he is not as young as he once was. Now, one of the highlights of the event was when Bulletin staff members past and present came on stage. It was quite a long walk for George and I said to him that he could stay back if he wanted to. He would hear none of it so with the help of his wife Karen he made the journey to stage and received the big round of applause from the crowd along with all the other staff members. Well done George, your loyalty is much appreciated. And then there was Angie Guerrero, the Calvia councillor, who even asked permission from the head of her party and the Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, so that she could come on stage with all the other columnists. And then there was Riki Lash who wouldn´t have missed it for the world and our Anglican Chaplain David Waller who is a pillar of the church but also a columnist of the Bulletin and he also took his rightful place on stage. It was fantastic to see so many faces from the past and present Bulletin all together on this unique occasion. You all made the old girl (if 50 is old!) very proud!