By Jason Moore I HAD to laugh when I read the Sunday papers over the weekend and saw the headline Cricket Club becomes political football in battle for expat votes. Excellent headline but I do wonder whether the cricket club is really an election issue in Calvia. As far as I am concerned the cricket club just want to play cricket and keep their heads down. If they have to move they will do so and if they can stay at their present home they will. As a result of all the media and political interest the Club issued a statement yesterday in which they correctly point out the present state of play. As things stand their present ground is being redeveloped and they have been found a new home by the present Calvia council. The socialist party maintain that if they are elected to power the Club can stay where it is. End of story. These are the facts. I am not going to get involved in the ins-and-outs of the whole affair and who, on the council voted for what and when. What I will say though is having the two main parties in Calvia underlining the important role played by the club can't be a bad thing. Even though I don't play cricket I do consider the Mallorca Cricket Club to be very important for the local community. The publicity the Club has received has been excellent and one thing for sure cricket has a bright future in Calvia, whoever wins the local elections.