Dear Sir,

Jason Moore's relentless campaign over Sunday opening appears to be bearing fruit.
But the question is much bigger than just opening a few shops to accommodate cruise passengers.
Many local shops are opposed to more flexible hours unlike the Chinese who would work round the clock all week if business justified and law allowed. Let's hope the benefits to tourists spread to residents too.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel complicates the issue by bringing in the number of hours worked in Germany as opposed to Spain.
She says Germans work more, state RTVE television says the contrary (Daily B Saturday). Whoever is correct the quality of the hours is as relevant as the quantity.

I've always thought it perverse that DIY shops here close over the weekend just when DIY enthusiasts have time off work to fix up their house/garden.
Is it that some firms choose their hours to suit themselves rather than their lifeblood (aka customers)?
I have an African hairdresser friend who works flat out over the weekend up to 11 pm each evening getting her ladies just right for church, weddings, christenings whatever.

Historically much may be down to local customs.
Spain is famous for the siesta with some outfits shutting for it from 1 to 4pm. Others start work first thing and work straight through to 2pm then quit.

Many Hypermarkets have their workers on shift covering 10am to 10pm.
The net effect that Spain is only completely operational 3 hours on working days - a weekly total of 15 hours – unbelievable! If I reverse the numbers it sounds worse - Spain is not fully open 91% of the time.
Could we not all go on a basic minimum of 9 to 5?

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma