THERE is a big danger that the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby could be hijacked by the thugs of the English Defence League and other ‘far-right groups'. ‘Help For Heroes' was right not to accept money raised by the group because it would tarnish their very good image and the great work they do across Britain and abroad. There is no place in Woolwich or any other part of Britain for these ‘far right groups' who are just trying to exploit the death of Drummer Rigby for their own evil means. Let us remember that Britain endured six years of war to rid Europe of the thugs of the ‘far right'. There is obviously tension in Britain at the moment because what happened in Woolwich has shocked the nation to its foundation. The fact that the Prime Minister David Cameron left the country and went on holiday has not helped ease the problem, either. The British government appears to have ‘shut up shop' and gone away on holiday at a very dangerous time leaving a power vacuum which to some extent is being exploited by ‘far right groups'. Now is a time for unity and the only people with the necessary power to bring Britain together are our politicians and the monarchy who sadly seem to be missing at the moment. This is what concerns me. A government which has gone missing and the opposition as well. No-one is left minding the shop at a difficult moment. I sincerely hope I am wrong but it could be a recipe for yet more trouble.