Dear Sir, Ref: “Street works lead to cancellation of bookings at hostal in Pollensa” (Daily Bulletin, 26 May). I READ with great interest the above article. Mr Walledge is absolutely correct in his assumption that this type of bad planning by local councils will lead to cancellations and extremely bad publicity for your beautiful island. Cosmos Holidays over the past 45 years has carried well in excess of two million passengers to Majorca. Many of these guests will no doubt have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful climate, beautiful beaches and charming ambience, and l am very confident that they will continue to do so in the future.

However, we should be very careful not to become complacent and take our mutual clients for granted.
Whoever is responsible for road works and the planning of such changes to the streets of Puerto Pollensa is obviously completely oblivious to the damage these types of work cause especially when they can be avoided.
The resort of Puerto Pollensa is virtually closed and empty of tourist between the months of November and March, five months when any remedial or major works could be carried out. Therefore it is totally illogical that they wait until March to start major road repair or drain excavation just as the popular tourist season starts!
ALL British tour-operators are obliged by law to keep their guest informed of any changes to the inclusive tour arrangements that client have contracted and bought. This law was introduced and is called The Packaged Travel, Package Holidays, and Package Tours regulations, 1992. It is our duty to inform them of any change to the holiday and anything that can affect the holiday, and certainly in the case of such road works we have to tell them all. If it can be judged as “having a significant impact” then we are obliged to allow the clients to cancel with a full refund, and if it is within seven days of their departure we have to compensate the clients at a minimum of 50 Pounds per head. So the irresponsible lack of planning not only disgusts the local business people, but it is also having a major detrimental impact on the valuable UK tourist market to your island.
Hugh Morgan
Overseas Purchasing & Operations Director
Cosmos Holidays; hmorganUcosmos.co.uk