Coalition Government
WHEN tuning in to the T.V yesterday (Wednesday) to see if PM Questions was back, instead I saw David Laws, the Secretary to the Treasury of the Lib Dems party, speaking on behalf of the coalition, and answering questions from the opposition. His whole presentation, knowledge, answers to questions, bearing and manners was most impressive, and if the formation of a coalition means more of the same, then the country as a whole will benefit greatly.

He made it quite clear who was to blame for the mess the country is in, i.e Labour and wiped the smirks off opposition shadow ministers`faces when promising a full investigation (to be published) into the “burnt earth policy” of the outgoing government, and their many other wasteful measures.

It has long been recognised that successive Labour Govts throw money (public tax payers) at problems/issues without the knowledge/experience of how to get the best/right results for such expenditure.

Thank goodness the country now have professionals handling the economy, Britain could not have taken much of Labour's mis management.
Do not hear much of Lord Mandelson these days, but no doubt he is lurking in the shadows, awaiting who will be named the new Labour leader, to then bring his influence to bear. Or will he?

As I recall he had his job kept open in Brussells in case he chose to rejoin, meanwhile picked up a place in the House of Lords, and will be long remembered for his multi departments 700 millions of pounds cost being wiped out a stroke when his successor Vince Cable took office.

Yours Sincerely, Graham Phillips