By Jason Moore

During the local election campaign I met with the Mayor-elect of Calvia Manuel Onieva, before his landslide victory. One of his key election promises has been to extend the summer season, which is obviously a good idea and will benefit all. But how are you going to do it?, I enquired.

He replied that he intended to broadcast the message loud and clear that Calvia had 300 days of sunshine a year. It is a simple and rather obvious message, but I think it will work. For too long now, promotion campaigns for the Balearics have been centred on everything from tennis ace Rafa Nadal to the fact that the islands have many golf courses. But, why has Majorca been so successful in tourism? Thanks to the weather and its beaches. Its as simple as that. So I suspect that a campaign with the words “300 days of sun” wouldn´t be a bad idea. Back to basics, many might say, but afterall it is what made Majorca great. Onieva will be taking office next month and he will be making tourism one of his key priorities. Ridding Calvia of street prostitution is also on his manifesto. But if he can extend the summer season even for a month, he will have a done a good job. At the moment the season gets shorter every year which naturally causes a major headache for all those involved in tourism. We are almost in June and still the summer season has not got into full swing. The sun is shining and Majorca needs to broadcast the message to everyone.