Dear Sir, MY wife and I discovered your wonderful island some time late in the sixties and have been returning ever since. We now spend a minimum of 5 weeks a year in Puerto Alcudia, and never stay in a hotel. This obviously means that we eat out a lot. ver the last few years we have noticed that the cost of meals and drinks has dramatically increased. Whilst this will not stop us visiting and indeed spending, we do hear a lot of comments being made by not so frequent visitors. Many couples with younger families find it very expensive, and can often be overheard having a little moan. On our most recent visit, I read an article in your paper, dated May 24th, that stated that you must keep your prices low (page 2 “Viewpoint”). This is very true, there are more and more people going to places like Turkey where prices are a fraction of yours. I do appreciate that bar and restaurant owners have to, and deserve to, make a healthy profit, but something must change. I know through talking to many different people that tourist numbers are down so far this year and I personally cannot see this improving overnight. Whilst it would be easy for me to criticize the running of your businesses etcetera, I feel that both local and central government should look at the tourist trade very seriously. They should look around to see that the average age group is increasing, you are not attracting the younger families. Remember this is tomorrow's business. Within ten or so years, the likes of my wife and I will no longer be able to visit you so often, if at all! Please, can somebody take note before every resort starts to slow up and then tries to win trade from the very young holiday makers, remember what happened at Magalluf. I am sure that nobody wants that sort of trade. My wife and I will keep coming as long as we can (we are back again on 1st August), but we will have to stop sometime! Nick Winter.