Dear Sir, LAST week, my wife and I had an enjoyable week in Santa Ponsa, but during a stroll, noticed the “graffiti” on the base of the Monument to King Jaime. May we apologise on behalf of the decent English folk for what was obviously done by a Yob. Such a pity he was not caught. I read your report on the Time Share scam, busted on the Mainland, in last Friday's Bulletin. It did occur to me that the Spanish police have obviously spent a lot of money in the manhours required to make this kind of “bust” - and then it made me wonder..... How much do Calvia Municipal Police invest in “busting” the Time Share touts that pester our valued tourists, all-day-and-all-year long? While I'm not saying that the local Time Share businesses are offering the same, fraudulent product mentioned in Friday's report, I can assure you that many of our clients complain about the aggressive and harassing manner in which they are (a) accosted and then (b) treated when at the Time Share presentation. So why are these touts not forced to wear the “warning” blue bibs that the bar and club “PR” (touts) have to wear? Legitimate Time Share companies DO offer quality product that people want to buy, and as such, they should be allowed to operate in a normal, businesslike manner as any other business. When I was last in the States, the home of Time Share, the Malls and Airports had official, staffed stands, outside of which the sales people were not allowed to work. Why doesn't Calvia offer this service to the Time Share Industry in the Municipality? After all, we have kilometres of the beautiful Calvia Walkway that could generate a few more Euros.... and get this ugly, downmarket “touting” off of Calvia's streets once and for all. Running an Estate Agency in the area, I have had trouble with these people in the past, plying their “trade” in front of my office, so I would respectfully (and regretfully) request that you don't publish my details.

D.F. Portman, Kidderminster
Dear Sir,

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