by Humphrey Carter

THE BBC radio reporter asked if the island was shocked after the teenage Briton fell off a balcony earlier this week only to be miraculously saved by a sun bed.

Well, that is a tough question to answer nowadays because sadly, tourists falling off balconies has become quite common over the past few years. Shocked I was in the fact that the young Briton did not die.

Last year the whole “balconing” phenomenon took on a totally new meaning when it actually became a fad with people capturing their exploits on their mobile phones then posting it on Youtube.

Some lived to watch themselves in action, others did not.
So what can be done? Some hoteliers have considered posting security around pool areas during the night, but those inclined, are quite likely to leap off their balcony at any time of day.

Perhaps fine them, if they live, or persuade the Spanish judiciary to make it a public order criminal offense. Beats me!