THE Balearic government has been accused of being rather ‘anti-Catalan' and a new Spain, wide, education policy is heavily weighted in favour of Castilian Spanish rather than the regional tongues. Parents have also been given a choice in the Balearics as to which language they would like their children to be taught in. Seventy percent in the Balearics said Catalan, which must have been rather a setback for both the Balearic and central administrations. While there are some critics of Catalan ,becoming increasing clear, that a large majority are in favour of the present school curriculum in Catalan. It is a shame that the Balearic government has decided to re-open the so-called ‘Catalan debate' when the majority of people thought that the issue was dead and buried. It is important for the Balearics that its cultural and historic legacy, including its language, is maintained. It appears that the majority of parents think likewise and perhaps the government will need a rethink.