By Jason Moore JUST what has happened to Cala Major beach? A few weeks ago a Bulletin reader reported that it was in a terrible state and last week it lost its blue flag for excellence. Last summer it had a whole series of problems with the beach being closed on numerous occasions because of sewage leaks. It is a great shame that one of the closest beaches to the centre of Palma should be in a state of disrepair. The city council should act at once because at the moment it looks as if the beach will go the same way as the area´s once bouyant tourist industry. Continuing with the beach theme I am quite amazed that the local authorities have been congratulating themselves on so many blue flags for local beaches, afterall Majorca´s livelihood depends on having top rate beaches. Every beach and yacht club on the island should be flying a blue flag not just a few.

I now it sounds amazing but there is a shortage of housing on the island at the moment. Incredible but true when you consider that there is so much on the market. But the housing in short supply is in the top end of the market; yes you are talking bank account figures. There are plenty of buyers because these sort of people are never affected by the credit crunch but there is simply no homes for them. In the same way as the local authorities only give the green light to five star hotels perhaps they should do the same for housing. Luxury properties will bring luxury people and that is exactly what Majorca needs at the moment. It would be a great pity if these millionaires were to go elsewhere because there are no homes for them.