DEAR SIR WHAT a fantastic Ambassador Rafael Nadal is for Majorca. In this weekend's Sunday Times culture section he gives a short one page interview ostensibly about a day in the life of a Tennis Champion but in which he mentions n he prepares his grandmother's Majorcan cake on tour n he always takes a supply of Majorcan Quely biscuits with him n how lucky and happy he is to live in Majorca n when he goes home to Majorca he's so busy seeing friends and family, going to the gym, playing tennis and golf, fishing and swimming in the sea that “the days are too short” n he has had the same school friends from the age of 6 all still in his small Majorcan town n and that at the end of each tournament he goes “straight home to Majorca every time” Great publicity for the island! DEAR SIR

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Hotel Occupancy

HAVING just read your article on the drop in hotel occupancies for April, I wonder if it has anything to do with the reports I am getting from friends who have visited Majorca this year. Without exception they report noticeable increases in prices in restaurants,bars,& shops everywhere from Palma,Cala D'or, & Puerto Pollensa in particular! As an annual visitor with my family I hope this has eased by the time we arrive at the end of June.


Jim Miller


CORRUPTION of politicians in Majorca is in the papers a lot these days. But it is not the alleged omnipresent corruption of the politicians that is the problem. It's our acceptance of the corruption that allows it to continue, grow and flourish.

We get the society we deserve.

Dr. Garry Bonsall