By Jason Moore

I once asked a U.S. Secret Service agent why officers used to run next to the President's car. He replied that it was totally unnecessary because the Presidential car was totally armour plated but the security cordon looked impressive and gave the top man an even more Presidential look. I felt this was a very valid answer because image is everything. But not in Britain. The Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland flies off on his summer holidays to Ibiza on a no-frills airline. To make matters worse he does so, shortly after attending the G8 meeting of the world´s richest nations. So in other-words, I am sure that Britain can afford an RAF jet for Cameron, especially for a short haul trip to Ibiza. I don´t have a problem with David Cameron, the individual flying on a no-frills airlines, but I think the Prime Minister of Great Britain should at least travel business class on British Airways. Image is everything and it doesn´t look good when the Prime Minister flies on an airline famous for its cheap tickets. What message does that say about Britain? That the United Kingdom can no longer afford up-market travel for its Prime Minister? Are things that bad? Thankfully, the Queen didn´t decide to fly Ryanair when she visited Ireland earlier this month! The Spanish Prime Minister always uses a private jet and so do many other countries because Spain quite rightly realises that there are necessary luxuries which should be used by top officials.