By Jason Moore

NEW Balearic leader, Jose Ramon Bauza, is certainly playing his cards close to his chest, no-one apart from his inner circle knows, who is going to form his new cabinet. There is much speculation that former Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, will be the new minister for tourism, in a super-powerful new ministry. Now, Delgado is a controversial figure but the tourist industry says that his experience in Calvia will be a real asset if he is given the top job. I am told that quite recently during a visit by a leading British tourism official, Delgado, was introduced as the next minister for tourism!

That was back in January. Delgado stood for the leadership of the Partidi Popular against Jose Ramon Bauza and was easily defeated. But he does have his fans within the party and there are some who claim that he did a deal with Bauza in return for a top job in his cabinet. The tourist industry say that they want a “firm pair of hands” in charge of the ministry and someone who is capable and has experience. There was talk that a leading figure from within the industry could be recruited but nothing more has been said. There is alot wrong with our principal industry and I believe that Bauza should end all the speculation and name his new minister for tourism as soon as possible, especially as the summer season is well underway. The first thing that the new minister needs to do is increase the budget for tourism promotion, this is vital.