Dear Sir, l HAVING visited the Island for over 50 years, during my latest stay, I was interested to read that there is a drive afoot, to encourage more “upmarket tourism”. If the powers that be are really serious, might I suggest the following may be pointers in the right direction: l Ban/Get rid totally, of bottle parties held at weekends along the Paseo Marítimo. What a dreadful, intimidating impression for anyone arriving on the island, trying to drive/walk along one of its most beautiful streets. l Graffiti has notably increased in Calvia, Bendinat and Portals Nous following the opening of the “Instituto”. Before schools break up for the long summer recess, when local police have completed school traffic duty, they should go into schools/institutes and explain that a “zero tolerance” policy is operating, and if caught or reported, fines for spraying graffiti will be imposed, along with community service, i.e. cleaning off the offending graffiti. It might help to explain that money spent cleaning off graffiti could be used to provide more sports facilities and more places at summer school. l Although an “upmarket” area, Puerto Portals has a “downmarket” entrance resembling a used car lot of which Arthur Daley would be proud. I would like to bet that most of the cars with “for sale” notices don't even belong in the area. Why don't the port authorities get them towed away, thus leaving more parking for visitors? l Proper enforcement of no parking zones in Portals Nous Village, i.e. in front of the supermarket. Parking on the yellow lines in the bus stop area will cause a fatality in the not-too-distant future. The problem could easily be solved by erecting cameras on lamp posts. l Zero tolerance should be shown towards timeshare touts operating in Palma Nova and Magalluf. Over the past ten days, I've watched these people operate. No one is safe and no one can escape. When not “working”, the language used by these people over coffee in bars and cafés frequented by families, leaves much to be desired. Why do the proprietors put up with it? l In tourist areas, more in tune with tourist needs, e.g. Marineland, it is terrible to see the long queues of parents with small children waiting for the bus to return to Palma Nova or Magalluf. More often than not, when a bus arrives, it is full. More bus shelters with seats and roofs are needed. Who wants to wait for a bus in burning sunshine of pouring rain? Hopefully the suggestions may prove useful from someone who over the years has seen many changes, and not all for the better. This is a time to revert to “the tourist, a friend” campaign. Barbara B. Heathcock, West Midlands, UK.