Dear Sir, l I'VE noticed in the Bulletin lately that there are still articles about our former mayoress of Calvia. I would like to tell you my little story which will explain why I was so happy to see the back of Margarita Daisy Najera. For many years I swept and weeded the street outside our house. Most weeks I filled a large bag with rubbish which, thanks to Mother Nature, was blown by the wind from the surrounding apartments into the corner of the cul-de-sac where we live, and deposited in front of our house. Over the years numerous appeals were made to Calvia to take care of the street, but the answer always was that it was a private street and they had no authority to do anything, despite the fact that they officially changed the name of the street and the numbers of the houses without consulting the residents on the street. Our house is 50 yards from the main, first line, road and we counted 82 pot-holes in the surface of the street. You might expect to find this in a poor Third World country, but not in one of the richest municipalities in Spain. But Margarita's interest seemed confined to front line showcase projects. Then, finally, we got a change of party and the street was given a new tarmac surface and now Calvia 2000 sweep the street everyday. It is so nice to walk out into a clean, well-maintained street. Thank you, someone. So when I think of Margarita Najera, my abiding memory is of 52 bags of sweepings for every year she was in office. As the old saying goes, “Good riddance to bad rubbish”.

Mary T., Sta Ponsa