IT is now obvious that there was “no done-deal” on the Calvia council between the Partido Popular and the Majorcan Unionists. Lets get something clear. The Partido Popular won the election polling a few hundreds more votes that their nearest rival, the socialist party led by Mayor Najera but they failed to secure a majority. Now, the Majorcan Unionists are in a position to give either party a majority. They are the match-makers. But talk and speculation of an eminent pact between the Unionists (the Spanish sister party of the British Liberal Democrats) and the Partido Popular on election night has proved to be just that, talk and in some cases wishful thinking. For the last four years the Majorcan Unionists have been part of the coalition local government which has been led by the socialists, in other words Najera's party. Now it will be interesting to see whether or not the Unionists jump ship but on present forecasts this appears unlikely. At island-wide level the socialists are offering the President of the Majorcan Unionists Maria Antonia Munar control of the Council of Majorca. It is widely reported that the socialists have offered the leader of the Majorcan Unionist party in Calvia the Mayorship of the area. In other words they are good offers considering that the party polled just 25'000 votes Majorca wide. The fact that in Spain the most voted party does not actually win is one of the drawbacks (or some might say the advantages) of proportional representation. In Britain, with its first past-the-post winner the Partido Popular would have won clearly. It would be unfortunate if the most voted party didn't win but thats the system. One thing for sure is that the next couple of days are going to be interesting and at the moment the socialists appear to be slightly ahead but watch this space.