By Jason Moore YOU wouldn't have thought that there was a credit crunch looking at the salaries top clubs are prepared to pay for players. A bidding war has now broken out for Brazilian playmaker Kaka who could be sold to either Real Madrid or Chelsea for an estimated 100 million euros. His wages every week would probably go along way to resolving the hunger issue in a small debt-ridden African country and he will probably be paid more a month than all the top ten surgeons combined. Is he really worth it? Well obviously not. But the question has to be asked; Why do top footballers command such money? At the end of the day they just kick a ball for 90 minutes and some don't even manage that! There was an outcry earlier this year at the enormous bonuses which are being paid to top bankers. It could be argued that these people create money (or not!) for others and probably deserve what they get. But no-one mentions the money paid to top footballers. The Captains of industry, who are in charge of major corporations get a year what Wayne Rooney probably gets a month. Incredible. My solution to this problem;make them give half their wages every month to charity then at least they could command my respect because at the moment they are way offside.