By Jason Moore

Earlier this week I criticised Prime Minister David Cameron for using a budget airline to go on holiday to Ibiza. But I come to the conclusion that Cameron can´t win. All this week the Prime Minister has been criticised in the British media not for his budget travel arrangements but the way he dresses when he is on holiday. He appeared in Ibiza earlier this week wearing a dark blue polo shirt, it was exactly the same shirt he had worn when he went on holiday to Granada earlier this year. Shock, horror.

Hundreds of inches of column space has been dedicated to blasting Cameron and his dress sense. Poor man. What is a Prime Minister on holiday supposed to wear? A three piece suit or a replica England football shirt? I feel that he got it just right;a polo shirt, jeans but perhaps his black shoes were a bit over the top. But that is my only criticism. And I think also he looks quite at ease. Remember the holiday shots of Gordon Brown? He looked as if he was just about to go to the dentist! But every cloud has a silver lining. Everytime Cameron is criticised over his clothes, the words Ibiza and even Balearic Islands are mentioned, which is great publicity. I also think that the Spanish tourist board were correct in writing to Cameron and thanking him for choosing the Balearic Islands for his holiday. Perhaps, next time they could also organise free transport on a private jet for the Prime Minister and even some clothing vouchers for shops in Ibiza!