DEAR SIR WE have been visiting Magalluf for the last 23 year and my husband and I always stay in the Royal Beach. Having just returned from our usual 2 week break in May I have to say how disgusted we were with the number of prostitutes along the Avenida Magalluf. You could not walk home at night without being approached by them even though we were both together.

We read in the Bulletin while we were out there how they are trying to be rid of the African street sellers and the Chinese. Well someone should be doing something about these prostitutes one night we counted 11 all approaching the young lads as they are going back to their hotels surely the police cannot turn a blind eye to these African girls who are very abusive and use filthy language when you tell them to go away. We go out again in September with our family and we have no choice other than to pass these people to get to our hotel. But if things are still the same it will be our last family holiday in Majorca so sad to say that. We did speak to the hotel manager about the street and they say the police don't do anything about them. How sad is that?

Mr and Mrs C. Lane