By Jason Moore

IT sometimes amazes me how standards have dropped in Majorca over recent years and no-one appears to care. What has happened over recent days in the Port of Pollensa is nothing short of scandalous. Early June, the start of the ever-shorter summer season, and still in Pollensa the beach is not up to scratch. Second-hand beach beds and umbrellas are in use at the moment and there are no lifeguard towers. Everything will be alright next week, say the local authorities, but this is no excuse.

The beach concession for sunbeds and umbrellas should have been awarded in the early spring so that everything was ready once the season got underway. But no. The problem will not be resolved until the middle of the month. Majorca prides itself as being a beach-destination and the Port of Pollensa is one of the leading resorts. I sometimes wonder whether smaller council can effectively run large tourist resorts. We are talking about a multi-million euro business and it appears that in the case of Puerto Pollensa some one is not doing their job right. It is a great shame because Pollensa is one of our most picturesque tourist resorts. I enjoyed a holiday there quite recently but even back in April the beach was still effectively on winter mode. When a new minister for tourism finally takes over, one of his (I say his, because former Mayor of Calvia Carlos Delgado has been tipped for the job) should be to ensure that all the beaches are in a first rate condition.