I was amazed to read that Ed Balls, the shadow Chancellor, intends to scrap winter fuel allowances for some richer British pensioners. It seems a good idea but this was his only economic policy. Well, the only one he is prepared to mention, that is. The move will save the tax-payer in excess of 100 million pounds. A good start Ed, but it would be nice to know how you would tackle the enormous deficit and 100 million pounds is not going to go very far. Is it? The Labour Party are in the lovely position at the moment of being able to slam the coalition but not offer any viable alternatives. Miliband is keeping tight lipped and just hoping that the coalition fails and hands them an open goal. Unfortunately for Labour the British electorate believe that the economy is in safer hands with Prime Minister David Cameron, than with Labour. While Labour is well ahead in the polls, on the economy, the British public trust Cameron. It appears that the British economy is slowly starting to recover. The coalition´s austerity plans appear to have worked although economic growth is still weak. If Labour seriously want to win the next election then they should start announcing their policies and show how they would fix the mess they made in the first place. Labour has already been accused of being the “Welfare Party” and so they need to show that they can manage the books and not run up enormous debts once again. The days of spend, spend and spend are over.