By Jason Moore “what has a Spitfire to do with this week's World Cup?” Answer: “absolutely nothing and futhermore its not a very good idea to tarnish the memories and exploits of the The Few by bringing them down to the level of a football tournament 60 years later. I must say that I was amazed to see that a considerable number of England fans are preparing to travel to Germany with model Spitfires. My advice to the England fans is to leave the Second World War at home and just go to the World Cup and enjoy the moment. I just don't understand this obssession with mixing World War 2 with soccer tournmanents. Apart from being totally out-of-place I find it rather insulting; one thing was fighting a war at very high cost for democracy and freedom and another is whether 11 over-paid footballers will put the ball in the back of the net. Obviously history in Britain is not being taught properly! I am looking forward to the World Cup and I do sincerely hope that England goes all the way but I am also aware that it is just football. It would be absolutely fantastic if England won the World Cup and Tim Henman or Andrew Murray won Wimbledon. But at the end of the day its not going to change my life or alter the course of history. England won a World Cup three years ago and he it didn't alter much at all. So lets just enjoy the moment.