Dear Sir,

I have been going to Puerto Pollensa for over thirty years, returning from my last trip on the 29th May, had this been my first trip there I would not have returned to this dirty filthy place, the beach was an absolute disgrace, dirty overflowing litter bins with indescribable rubbish, no sunbeds, no sunshades and not the kind of place I would like to spend my holidays, I know they are having problems, because the people who award the contracts, in their wisdom, decided to ignore the ones who have been doing it for years and give it to a new contractor who hadn't a clue what to do, no tractor to clean the beach nor beds nor sunshades, do the powers that be realise how much trade they have lost, because the tourists do not care who is in charge, they just want a safe clean beach, with beds and sun shades, I lost count of the people I heard who said they will not be going back. The people who run the Town Hall in Pollensa do not seem to care what happens in the Port, and surely the Port is where the money is generated, but seems to be spent in the Town surely someone should be held to account for this fiasco, and if they want to see how it is done, take a trip to Alcudia, where they seem to have got it right. Please do not let beautiful Puerto Pollensa become a run down resort, which it will be if the tourists stop coming. So calling all the workers in the Town Hall, get your act together before it is too late.

M. Baker

Dear Sir, I'm writing on behalf of the ex-pat Real Mallorca Supporters Club, some of whom contacted me yesterday (Saturday) regarding “The Blog” columnist, Andrew Ede, having a “pop” at their team.

We are all more than aware about the restraints put on the club by the administrators after years of dodgy book-keeping ! Mallorca are not alone in finding life tough moneywise at the moment in Spain's primera league. Almost 80% of clubs are in deep, deep financial trouble. May I remind him that next season will be our fifteenth consecutive one in top flight Spanish football, a feat only equalled by Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia and At. Bilbao and one, for a small island, so-called “rubbish” team, which is quite remarkable.

We've played in European competitions five times, beating teams like Arsenal and Chelsea along the way, an achievement Brentford, to my knowledge, have never attained.

Mallorca have finished in the top six in Spain three times in six seasons.
Maybe Mr Ede would like to come down to Palma (a bit of a trek, I know, for you North Islanders) on a match day ? You never know, he may even enjoy it.

For the record, Jonathan De Guzman was born in Canada of Canadian/Jamaican parents. He served his football apprenticeship in Holland with Feyenoord and took Dutch nationality to further enhance his international prospects.

Visca Mallorca !

Monro Bryce