Dear Sir, I'VE recently been to Palma and was quite concerned and upset by a carriage horse I saw by the cathedral. He was uncomfortable how he was standing and very unhappy if anybody went to touch him; he'd try and bite them. The tree near to which he was standing had teeth marks all over: a sign of unhappiness and boredom; and there was no sign of drinking water. We cut our visit short to the city because I wouldn't have liked to have seen any more horses. When we got back to our hotel, there was a copy of your newspaper in reception with an article on the carriage horses (Thursday, 19th May). I was pleased to read other people were concerned. I don't suppose much can be done about it, but I had to tell someone about this particular horse. I keep thinking about it and what a miserable life he's having. We visited Palma on 18th May. I don't know if they change the horses around to different spots, so probably he or she couldn't be picked out.

Mrs. S. Grieve, Ivybridge, Devon.