Dear Sir/ Madam, I feel I have to comment on the restrictions imposed on the english fans whilst their games are being played, I have never seen any trouble during the games in European matches or world cup matches in Magalluf and I go there every 13 weeks but to have these restraints can only make people angry. I love watching matches in Manos bar, inside where there is a good atmosphere, win or lose, but the children and mothers or grand parents like to watch it outside on the large screens that manos provide 12 months of the year, where they keep up with the chat, watch the kids, but still see the game, this has been taken away from them again. We are trying to build a good relationship of trust with supporters and get more people to visit the island but this just takes it back to square one. Calvia and Magalluf have a lot6 of visitors from England and they should be able to enjoy the football as families, as do Germans and Spanish can, I have seen more hooligans in German and Spanish Football on Sky TV than any where so why have this class distinction? I have many friends who are flying direct to Germany where they will be welcomed with open arms and be able to watch the games on big screens in the open towns and create a wonderful atmosphere. I am very dissapointed with Calvias action and will most likely look to watch the next world cup somewhere else like many other decent football supporters. Calvia wants the English when it is quiet but not when they think it can be busy with other nationalities who don't cause any trouble either. Why don't they put the plastic glass ban on all year round if they think we are that bad of class, do they not have any trouble with Spanish matches? Here's to a good world cup, may the best team win! PS. I love your island but not some of your class distintion rules. A point from Calvia's latest batch of discriminatory rules against the English ... what happens if England play Spain in the World Cup - will these rules apply to Spanish bars?

In sport, Steve Taylor

Dear Sir

Ian Morrison Porto Colom