By Jason Moore THERE is an easy way to resolve the fuel crisis which is gripping Europe at the moment; the big oil companies should be made to dig deep into their profits and reduce prices and the government should make an exception and slightly reduce their fuel tax. Both government and the big oil companies have higher revenues because of the increase in oil prices and therefore they could easily drop their prices without too much trouble. The high fuel prices are an absolute nightmare and we are all going to be affected. Also, perhaps the time has come for additional resources to be invested into research into alternative fuels. For too long the major oil producing countries and the big oil multi-nationals have had an iron-grip hold on our fortunes. The technology does exist all that is needed is the necessary support from government and industry. As a result of the fuel crisis and the strike on the Spanish mainland supermarkets were running out of products yesterday that there were long queues at petrol stations. I am afraid to say that this is just the start. Things are going to get worse and more expensive until this problem is finally resolved. There is an easy solution and government should act before it is too late.