Dear Sir,

FURTHER to the breaking news regarding the potential take-over of Real Mallorca by Freddy Shepherd, may I add a few more points. Señor Shepherd was once quoted as saying that Newcastle fans were “mugs” for paying way over the top for replica shirts that cost a pittance to produce in some third-world sweat shop. He was accused in the media of ripping off the fans!! Newcastle's record under his chairmanship didn't exactly pull up many trees. When was the last time the Magpies, with their, to quote your columnist “two of the world's greatest footballers Alan Shearer and Michael Owen” playing, won any silverware?

Mallorca on the other boot have played in the Champions League, competed in the UEFA cup twice, and WON the Spanish King's (FA) Cup, all in the last eight seasons. But I suppose the bottom line of all the wheelings and dealings going on behind the scenes - money talks. We shall see.

Visca Mallorca,

Monro Bryce

Dear Sir

I'D like to voice my opinion on the subject of recycling:- to me the big road bins proved a good idea, even the children enjoyed to learn about them in school and helped in their own homes. Everyone was getting the idea as a matter of course. I think it was working well. Then for some reason or another it all changed! Out with the big road bin. In with bags the same colours. So every one knows what goes in which. That point OK. But after a few weeks most of the bags don't return to their owners. The average house hold can fill a bag in a couple of days so what can they do with the overflow? Needless to say bad smells, flies, ants and cats.

Need not to say where can this be stored. Not many homes have vacant space and if they have I'm sure they don't want rubbish in it.
What do your other readers say?

D.J. Tyers, Llubi