WITH all the future about the 80 million pounds transfer fee for Ronaldo, when compared to the monumental debt the Labour Government has recently run up for taxpayers in the UK (175 billion pounds and rising) one could have “bought” 2200 Ronaldos with that money! Small beer by comparison in the grand scheme of things, in fact on just the weekly interest taxpayers will be paying on the debt Brown allowed to occur, that adds up to “two Ronaldos” per week!

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips

Dear Sir
MY wife and I have been coming to Majorca for many years and we keep a boat in the Marina Port de Mallorca in Palma. One of our favourite overnight anchorage's is off Es Trenc. On our last visit earlier this month it was a great sadness to see one of the great beaches in the Med so neglected. For visitors who go to this beach find it very difficult to find a patch that is not covered in dried out seaweed. It is not difficult to clear the seaweed off the beaches and anyhow this can be harvested (as in Ibiza) as a cash crop for use as a fertilizer. Majorca like most of Spain is now having to compete for tourist income. It is a complete farce for the councils not to maintain their beaches to the highest standards. The cost would be minimal to maintain the beach and could be self-funding.

Yours sincerely
Richard and Dorothy Denny
The Old Rectory