MUCH has been written about the Hospital Universitari Son Dureta over the years, but I wish to add my message of thanks and indeed confidence.
For many years I have had treatment through the excellent IB Salud service, both in Manacor and Son Dureta, for a heart threatening condition brought on by arterial stenosis, which eventually has resulted in a successful Heart Quadruple Bypass operation performed on the 28th May, with a discharge from SD on the 4th June. Frankly I am staggered at the sheer brilliance and professionalism of the Cardiac Unit and the first part of this letter is to offer my heartfelt thanks to “Metge” Dr. Fernando Enriquez and his team of world class Surgeons and Physicians, the ICU Unit and cardiac post op ward. You have truly saved my life. The youth of these teams is the first surprise, their knowledge, teamwork, speed and efficiency and pride in the care of patients is the core of the success of this unit. Perhaps I should qualify this by also saying the Hospitals reputation is not confined to the cardiac area, this is my personal experience.

I think the key reason they can stabilise and prepare a patient for quick release is their brilliant use of instant telemetry, MRI ,Eco Doppler, ECG, Xray and drug regimes to keep patients within a target post op programme, whatever the age or other issues, which can be managed, through the islands health system, from home. The psychological benefit to the patient and the family cannot be underestimated. The monitoring programmes in the following years from the clever computer networks, which the IB Salud have introduced within the spanish health service, make for a confident prognosis for any patient.

This, by any standards, is a world class system and is available to everyone with residency and to EU expats with appropriate health cards free at the point of delivery. To show an example, on entry to the hospital, I met briefly with a family on a package holiday in Cala Dor, who had suffered a trauma with a heart attack to the father ( 82). He had been in SD for a week , the family transferred to a hotel near Palma. They were amazed at the level and quality of friendly service, the communication in English through every phase of the procedure and that Dad was about ready to go home. I was able to tell them that this is the often the norm. We all know that a hospital, by nature, is a processing plant, but in SD you are made to feel that you are the main concern, nothing is left to chance. Also the place is bug free and spotless. For a 55 year old building designed for half the current population, crumbling at the seams and suffering for crowding issues for some time, shortly to be remedied with a new hospital in December, this is impressive and results from top standards and team discipline. Why mention all this when much is already known to the population and those who have received treatment. One reason why many people are frightened to use the local service is the language barrier. Not in SD. From Surgeons to Auxiliary Nurses, English is spoken widely, and encouraged since many staff will spend time abroad widening their experience. They have a voluntary language school inhouse to support this effort. If they know your nationality, they will have someone who can communicate with you to relieve your fears.

I do not write to advertise the hospital, it does not need it, I just say to all my expat colleagues you have a brilliant facility on your doorstep, use it and be confident you are in the best hands. As an aside, I picked up on a groundswell of opinion within the staff that the new hospital at Son Espases should retain the name “Son Dureta”. If this is true, I hope the Authorities will respect their wishes, because they are the people who made its reputation and, indeed, in austere times keeping the name on linen, equipment paperwork etc. will save a small fortune.

Thanks again Son Dureta and good luck in your future home.
Yours sincerely, Paul Satterly