Dear Sir, I would like to thank Rosheen and all the fellow Weight Watchers walkers for making the day so much fun... Well done everyone.. I am told that last year they raised EUR 800.. this year, a whopping EUR 2'000... Fantastic.. Also thanks to everyone for making the day a memorable one..

Lee New
Dear Sir, In response to Jason Moore's viewpoint.

Majorcan tourist department needs to support local business by not having a one dimensional tourist industry. Hoteliers are rightly adapting to families on a budget by offering the “all inclusive” package whilst the euro is strong against the pound and money is tight. This does not help the car hire, taxis, restaurants, bars and airlines who are not part of the “all inclusive” package.It is vital in my opinion that we diversify and allow the rentals of private properties to people wishing to visit the island. The reality is and the growing trend is for people to do their own thing and book independently. Whilst two weeks in a hotel may be bliss for some, it's a nightmare for others and we need to recognise this and tap in to all markets.

Before the clampdown, we used to let our apartment all year round.
We had fully booked weeks from March right through to November, with all our guests using local restaurants and spending money in the area . Now like the majority of apartments in Majorca it sits empty for 48 weeks a year and the money we spent on property management companies, local builders, Plumbers etc has stopped.

Dean Harding
Santa Ponca