By Humphrey Carter

FRENCH air traffic controllers held millions of air travellers to ransom for the second consecutive day yesterday as they continued their strike in protest against plans by the European Commission, which drafts EU laws, to overhaul European aviation.

It estimates inefficiencies in the way Europe's air traffic is managed add 42km (26 miles) to the average flight, so it wants to centralise air-traffic controls, rather than leave each member state to monitor its own skies.

Surely, the Commission is acting in the best interests of the general public but, as usual, you always know when the Summer holiday season has really begun - French air traffic controllers go on strike.

When the Spanish tried this a few years back, the Guardia Civil ordered them back to work at ‘gunpoint' after they brought the country to a complete standstill.

Why has not similar action been taken in France?, Why does the French government allow its public sector workers to hold millions of its fellow Europeans hostage and ruin their travel plans time and time again?

Are not we all supposed to be in the EU together?
This is just another example of how countries lack any respect for the Commission and carry on as usual making sure their best interests come first, as opposed to the European Union as a whole.

Makes you wonder if it is worth being a member, if every country does exactly what it likes.