Dear Sir

REGARDING the standing down of David Davis, when all the shouting has died down, the question will remain “Do principles count, and does anyone have them anymore?”

We are used to hearing of politicians having their “snouts in the trough”; cash for honours, etc... but when in the last ten years have we seen a labour cabinet minister resign for whatever reason?

Just recently has been highlighted the state-of-the-art attack helicopter, that for seven years have sat in the U.K. unable to be shipped to Afghanistan, where we lose soldiers constantly, and would be a great help in the war there, because of some defect. Who is responsible for this seven year blunder? Anyone resigned? Of course not.

David Davis has not taken the action he has just because the 42 day period has been now in Parliament. But the way bribes, threats and inducements were used by Brown and Co. to influence a vote on a very serious subject, which in itself erodes, the whole idea of “British Justice” which hitherto was acclaimed world wide, but must be in question after the recent corrupt vote; and we talk about Zimbabwe...

Yours Sincerely, Graham Phillips, Palma