AS a resident with a property that would be directly affected by the proposed regarding opening of the rail line from Manacor to Arta, may I suggest that a much better plan would be to improve the existing bus service and turn the rail line into a proper path for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

These two options, and there are many more, would both encourage tourism and be environmentally friendly compared with an expensive train project.
Yours sincerely,

Reg Baker, member of the Alternativaaltren association.

DEAR SIR, KATE Mentink has asked us to respond to a letter published in yesterday's Bulletin (your letters) regarding the lack of procedures for the wellbeing and castration of stray cats.

Would you please inform your readers that here in the municipality of Calvia there are long standing campaigns in place to collect, castrate and, in some cases, home cats and kittens, depending on the circumstances. The association SOS ANIMAL, which is based in the grounds of the Municipal Cat & Dog Shelter, can be contacted on 670022963, and the environmental office (medio ambiente) of Calvia have a similar campaign, and the telephone contact number is 971130577.

Kind regards, Angela Guerrero & Dolina Reynolds
Ayuntamiento de Calvià