DEAR SIR MR Onni Nordstrom is to be envied for his list of acquaintances such that it has allowed him to put together what you have described as a “musical (sic) extravaganza” for presentation at Son Moix in September.

However, I deplore his sense of taste. What can have persuaded him that a concert pairing Andrea Bocelli with Elton John was a good idea? I would travel gladly to a concert featuring Sgnr Bocelli singing arias from the Baroque, Romantic and Classical eras, especially when accompanied by the Balearic Symphony Orchestra, but I would not attend an Elton John concert in a flying fit. Should I do so, the level of sheer boredom I should experience would not be equalled unless I were dead, or at an all-night Tina Turner concert.

Undoubtedly there will be those (for whom occasion is more important than content) who will wish to attend the entire evening. But what of those who will not? I have a suggestion. Why not set aside a section of Son Moix for those, such as myself, who would gladly attend that portion of the concert given by Sgnr Bocelli? After we had left, that same section could then be occupied by those who are fans of Mr. John, but not of Sgnr Bocelli. I am sure there will be many of them. The late Mr. P. T. Barnum opined that there was one born every minute.

I look forward to hearing further about this “extravaganza”.
Jim Wallace

In reply to your letter of June 9th re: Celtic Convention held in Santa Ponsa.
You should be aware of the following.
On the front page of this paper 17/09/2009 and I quote “Finally, there is some good news for the hard pressed tourist industry in Calvia with the announcement yesterday that Celtic Supporters Association will be holding their European Convention in Santa Ponsa next year” Same day Calvia Tourism Councilor Kate Mentink said “this is fantastic news for Calvia.

Calvia faced stiff opposition from Benidorm but we won in the end” Among others Christian Roses of the Santa Ponsa Hotel Association gave his enthusiastic backing. The music Square usually opens Sun nearest 3rd May. This year due to lack of people it was to be the 23rd so had there been no Celtic supporters you would have had no music at all. Initially I felt some sympathy for your disappointment until I read “if our Celtic friends are struggling for a location next time may I suggest the middle of the Sahara Desert” Dear oh dear that reminded me only to well of the notices prevalent in UK up until the late 60s “No Irish or Blacks need apply”

Harry Flynn
The Square/ S.Ponsa