Dear Sir,

The night of Wednesday, 12th June, was something of an example as to why Spain; (especially Government Departments ) is in such financial trouble commercially and seems to just not care about tourism.... one of Spain's major sources of revenue.

Majorca, is supposed to be a leading international tourist destination.
Here is my experience at Palma airport, on Wednesday night:
I arrived at the airport at midnight. Chaos caused by the French ATC strike. People everywhere.... scores of flights delayed for hours.... airlines handing out food and drink vouchers.

Every single food and drink outlet land side closed. Unbelievable.
So, I was meeting a flight showing on the board coming in through arrival gate ‘B'. Many meet and greets, were waiting. As the flight came through it became apparent that gate ‘B' glass doors were locked. As were all others except gate ‘D' at the other end of the terminal. Enquiries at airport Information Desk were met by, an uninterested shrug.

So, into the car to drive back to Palma. Then the motor way entrance was blocked for re- surfacing.
No information, no diversion directions, just a closed motor way and cars all over the place wondering where to go.
No diversion signs further on and anyone who knows that area will know what a very difficult route it is, back to Palma, when not using the motor way.

Just a snapshot of how many here in Spain just do not care.
With many other tourist destinations raising their game, Spain, and in particular these wonderful islands, need to take a long hard look at the ‘service' that in many cases, they just do not care to offer.

Johnny Carr