By Humphrey Carter

WITH the former PP Balearic President and Secretary of State for the Environment, Jaume Matas, set to find out if he is going to be jailed on July 2 for corruption, and the former President of the Council of Majorca, leader of the now defunct Majorcan Union Party and political ally of Matas, Maria Antonia Munar, facing a similar end for similar crimes, we now have claims that, while in opposition, the now ruling Partido Popular, was using its own party funds to hire private detectives to investigate the activities of the left-wing coalition government, led by Francesc Antich.

Call in Inspector Clouseau as he would say “there is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.” And I doubt many members of the public, the electorate, are laughing as yet another dark shadow is cast over Balearic politicians as their attentions will again be diverted from doing what is best for the general public, struggling to confront the recession to squabbling over who spied on who.

The PP , should be ashamed because, after all the fingers for the party's criminal history have been pointed at former party members and administrations, it appears that this is not the case and that while the current President was on the campaign trail three years ago, senior party members where hiring private detectives. “The crooks never sleep and neither does Clouseau...”