Dear Sir, I CANNOT believe that it has taken ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) and WTO to tell Spain and the Balearics, that the Euro has badly affected the holiday market. There have been many different excuses for people not coming here over a period of time. Now at last - do we have the true reason? I have been living here for three years and have said this all along. When I first arrived, the Euro was 1.58 to a Pound, the highest being 1.72. It is not much better now. It does not take a degree in mathematics to work that out. I talk to quite a lot of holiday-makers of different nationalities and they all say the Euro has made things expensive. They are now considering holidaying in the Eastern European countries which have still not subscribed to the Euro. DO we need another property sales company here re: Thomson Holidays? There seem to be enough property sales companies already. The thousands of empty properties on the island are not selling. A.E. Coffyn, Santa Ponsa.

The Euro, it appears is to blame


Does this get us back to the Euro?