Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, acknowledged that the recovery of the US economy was proving to be “frustratingly slow”; only 54'000 jobs had been created in May against the expected 165'000. A poll showed the Republican presidential contender Romney running level with Obama on the handling of the economy. The US Treasury reported that America's total public debt will exceed its GDP by the end of 2011 -- a full year earlier than had been expected.

Tunisia's interim government postponed a general election until Ocober, giving technical difficulties as the reason. Students and others who had started the Arab Spring in January by overthrowing the dictator Ben Ali protested against the delay.

Portugal's general election was won by the Social Democrats who inherited 78bn euros bail-out by the EU and IMF negotiated by the previous Socialist administration.

In Chile an inquiry opened into the death of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda in 1973 shortly after the military coup that removed the elected Socialist government headed by Salvador Allende, whose death is also being investigated.