By Jason Moore

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling rather sorry for England goalkpeer Robert Green and he can´t be held fully responsible for England´s draw with the USA. The whole team from coach Fabio Capello downwards should take collective responsibility for a poor opening game. You can´t just blame one person and until the British media start blaming the whole team instead of one or two individuals then I can´t see much changing.

Now, England always make a nervy start to World Cup campaigns and I am still confident that the team will play to their full abilities. Welcome to the England roller-coaster ride!!! Let´s face it, every England fan on earth realises that the team is sadly lacking a good goalkeeper. But, Green committed one serious error,but his team-mates failed to find the back of the net, which would have made-up for his error. If England had gone on to win then it would have been a different story, unfortunately they didn´t and Green has paid the price. However, you can safely say that the hopes of a nation have been dented, now the team must pick themselves up and move-on. Looking at the other teams in the tournament England has ple nty to learn, and they have only a few days to do so. Here we go, here we go!