WE have visited Puerto Soller for the last 14 years. Over that time the main walks start and finish at the former Hotel Rocamar. Unfortunately this place is an absolute disgrace. It is derelict with broken windows, full of graffiti and has become a rubbish dump, the latest being asbestos, a burnt out car, sacks full of rubbish, beds and even a boat.

There are now plenty of good hotels in the resort but who wants to walk through this eyesore. What are the Council doing about it?
Steve S.

DEAR SIR, I sympathise with the residents of Sant Jordi being eaten alive by the plague of mosquitoes (Daily B Sunday). In nearby Fontanelles on the Playa de Palma beach we had the same problem for years stemming from what we locals think of as an infested swamp. One of the great pleasures of Majorca is eating “al fresco” on a blissfully cool late summer evening. This is out of the question there, in fact with some restaurants if all their inside tables were taken you'd opt for slightly poorer food but at bite free diner! Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma