By Ray Fleming

IT is difficult to be anything other than positive over the result of the Iran election, which gave a landslide victory to the most moderate of the candidates. Hassan Rowhani, narrowly got the 50 percent vote necessary to avoid a run-off -- proof that rigging was not the order of the day this time.

So, positive, yes, but cautious also since the way in which Iranian politics works, does not always mirror western, models. But was it really necessary for the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to strike such a negative note about “not deluding ourselves or getting caught up in wishful thinking” about a result that “won't change anything”. If Mr Netanyahu, really thinks this election “won't change anything” then he is indeed deluding himself. How many of his distinctly humanitarian and liberal policies Rowanhi will be able to implement, is impossible to judge and it is, of course, well-known, that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamanei ,probably takes the lead on nuclear issues. But, for heaven's sake, can't we just welcome the likelihood that oppression has almost been lifted from the Iranian people's lives and tell the new President that if he wants to talk about resolving differences, however serious, and establishing mutual understanding, the West will be ready . This was the offer President Obama made, four years ago; Rowanhi could be the man to accept it, now.